Socks in sandals has been a fringe trend for a year or so. This trend is not to be confused with wearing hose with sandals, which has been trendy and popular for longer.

I really like the “sandals with socks look” on younger gals in particular, and on older gals when executed with just the right amount of arty sophistication. The socks kind of dress down the outfit and add textural interest. It’s a fun look.

In order for this trend to work well for my eye, there has to be a low-ish colour contrast between either the socks and the sandals, or the socks and your skin tone. I don’t fancy the look nearly as much when the colour contrasts are high – like wearing red socks with black sandals, or neon pink socks with green sandals.  I also think the look is best with a chunky, almost clog type heeled sandal, T-strap pump, or mary jane (see pictures below).

So I absolutely vote yay for this fringe trend on others. But I vote nay for me because I don’t wear the style of footwear that’s a prerequisite for the look, and the overall effect is a tad too casual for my style. I’d rather wear a dressier sandal or peep-toe pump with pretty hosiery. What’s your vote?