My white jeans have come out to play in what must be the soggiest Spring we have ever had in Seattle. Thank goodness the cherry blossoms and bright green grass brighten up the otherwise grey picture. I’m desperate to get out of blue jeans, so although it is impractical I’m already wearing white and paying extra attention to puddles and Rosie’s cute little wet paws.

They might not be your cup of tea, but white pants and skirts are an essential element of my Spring and Summer style. To my eye, they make coloured tops look fresher, bolder and more magical. I can’t help but love the bright effect, so my two pairs of white jeans get lots of wear each year.

I like to pair bright tops with white jeans, so the tomato red blouse is a no brainer. This silky blouse drapes well but it’s boxy, yet another acquired taste. I am drawn to soft boxy blouses because I enjoy the movement of the silhouette against my skin. I chose to wear it unstructured with white bootcuts here, but I also wear it tucked into bottoms and belted for a more waist-defining look.

The vintage-inspired square scarf is knotted once around my neck and held in position with a safety pin. I add gold tipped low heels, a gold watch and white specs to bring out the pattern in the scarf. I also chose to add an off white handbag because I like the mismatched effect of different shades of white in one outfit. (The scarf, jeans and bag are all different shades of white). For many, the mismatched effect might look unpolished, but I think it adds interest.

It’s still chilly around here so my citron trench went over the whole lot. The overall result was a blindingly bright outfit which is okay by me. It’s just what I needed on a wet and cheerless Seattle Spring day.

When we looked at these pictures after the photo shoot, they reminded both Greg and I of my late Mum. It’s similar to the type of trouser ensemble she would have worn in the late 70’s, probably with a matching white waistcoat and huge sunglasses. When my Mum wore jeans, she wore only white jeans and she loved Gucci silk scarves. She was also known for her raised brow and wide eyed glances which, for better or for worse, I have inherited.

We have posted these photos and a few outtakes on our Facebook page.