This style of scarf is making a comeback, especially in chain and equestrian type designs. Think Hermes and Gucci, ladies. Although small square scarves are always available in retail stores, they haven’t made a fashion statement for a while. Longer, fuller and more casual pashmina type scarves and infinity scarves have taken centre stage for several seasons, leaving silky square scarves to gather dust on accessory displays.

Small silky square scarves are perceived as classic, and to some a little dowdy. Well, they just become uber hip and I’m thrilled about it! Of course, if you wear small square scarves in a dowdy way, they will look dowdy. So pair them with current and fashion forward outfit pieces to elevate the vibe from drab to fab.

I’ve had the right Hermes scarf on my shopping list for years and I’m now even more determined to find it. They are perfectly lightweight and lovely for Spring and Summer. Add a simple solid backdrop to show case the scarf and Bob’s your Uncle – it’s a conversation piece. Dress them up with formal pieces, or dress them down with denim.

I vote yay. The shape feels “new” and I like silky scarves. I will absolutely enjoy adding a classic, even vintage Hermes scarf to my modern style. I like the way they’ve been tied muffler style in the photos, and the authoritarian scarf tying method will also work. What’s your vote?