Small square silky scarves are divine, but awfully slippery. They tend to slip out of position unless you tie them in a way that involves a secure double knot. As soon as you tie them in an authoritarian, muffler or cravat style, or knot them only once, you’re going to lose the effect of your well tied scarf at some point during the day.

Enter your friend the hidden safety pin. I like to wear small silk scarves cravat style, or drape them tightly around my neck with a single knot. Call me crazy, but I like the look of a single knotted scarf! I pin a safety pin or two on the inside of the scarf in just the right place to secure the style . This works for me, and I hope it works for you too.

A few minutes ago Greg took these photos of the cravat style scarf tie that I’ve had on all day. The slippery knot has stayed put since 8.15am and I haven’t touched it once! All thanks to a strategically placed safety pin at the back of the knot.

By the way, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect Hermes scarf, but bought this vintage inspired number from Nordstrom to tide me over. I’m wearing it with a white button down shirt, black L.A.M.B jacket, leans and flat over the knee boots.  I look like I’m about to climb onto a horse, but I fancy an equestrian look so that’s fine by me.