About a month ago I had an epiphany and evolved my style in a new direction. But having lived with that look for a while I’ve realized that I’m not happy. So it’s back to the drawing board as I once again reflect on precisely what it is that I want to express with my style. I want to take advantage of the fact that I’m feeling rather brave about my style at the moment, which makes a radical new direction feel spot on.

My current style is modern, polished and chic. I’m also a modest and fairly practical dresser. I don’t look particularly alluring in my outfits and I score zero on the “bombshell-persona” side of things. Come on! I’m the gal who likes to wear turtle necks, flat shoes, longer hemlines and surrender her waistline. And this is precisely where I’d like to start making the style changes. As I approach the age of 41, now is as good a time as any to experiment with a look that I have long since admired but was so desperately out of my comfort zone.

First, my hair needs to change. I’ve always been blonde, but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved the idea of plum coloured hair that’s a little longer. It looks so rich and striking, making your style instantly interesting and eye catching – and I want to look more eye catching. Obviously, I’d have to grow out my pixie cut and dye my hair to create this look. In the meantime, I’m road testing the idea of the new do with a wig that I fell in love with the first time I saw it. I’m pretty much set on a bob, but I’m not sure about the fringe. My eyebrows are distinctive and very much part of my face. To hide them with a fringe might not be a good idea. What do you think?

Second, I want to wear five inch heels, just because I have never done so before (I batted for Team Flats in the past). Many of my fashion stylist peers leave me in the dust with their fashion forward, high heel wearing ability. And although I have never felt the professional pressure to wear sky scraping heels, I do suddenly have the urge to play around with some alternative and fun “sitting shoes”.

Also, because I frequently like to bookend the colour of my hair with my shoes, the new plum coloured hair creates lots of exciting options. I’m thinking that burgundy shoes, and shoes with fuchsia accents are the way to go. I ordered the Not too Coy Pansy and the Black Rooster Mino from Zappos recently and I must admit  that these shoes make me smile. Hello 6ft 1! Although my feet are arched to the extreme, the footbeds are quite comfortable.

Third, I’d like to attract more attention to my curves, which makes wearing leggings as pants not such a bad idea after all. Granted, the leggings I’m wearing here are Gap’s legging jeans which I wear all time tucked into boots. But why not wear them with soaring heeled pumps to showcase the rest of the leg and a bit of the foot. Blokes love the look. Greg loves the look too (which I only recently found out by the way). It’s got to be a win.

So, the first beautiful Spring day in April, and a new look to go along with it.

Thank you for humoring our April Fools fun. Additional photos posted on Facebook.