Last week you saw the beginning of my New Year’s commitment to add a 70’s edge to my style, complete with faux fur leather jacket, turtle neck and gold medallion. This week I’m feelin’ groovy and adding a dressier Valentino touch as I enjoy our beautiful mild Winter weather.

Once again I’m in Gap’s Long & Leans, which apart from my jodhpur jeans, are a favourite to belt with a tucked-in top. I think it’s because those pairs of jeans are roomier than my bootcuts, and I prefer a tucked-in top look on my body with roomier bottoms. I added a new fawn studded belt and new fawn ankle boots (both courtesy of my Dad for birthday and Christmas).

I’ve had the black pussy bow blouse for years and it’s a favourite that you’ve seen before. I usually leave the ties knotted instead of tying a bow because the fabric is quite thick. I was inspired by Valentino’s one-sided bows that he pops onto some of his jackets and handbags. So I tied one of those bows instead and here is the result. I like asymmetry so the bow works for me, but I also get that the effect might not be your cup of tea.

To soften the harshness of the black against my pale face I add white specs. The bow acts like an accessory so there is no need to add jewelry other than a wedding ring and watch.  Of course, my beloved Valentino handbag was the prefect way to complete the look.

The 70’s inspiration is more subtle than it was in the previous outfit. It’s also closer to my usual style because it’s dressy, simple, crisp and not very earthy. The subtle changes created by adding in fawn coloured belt and boots, wider cut jeans and a tucked-in top have refreshed my style. Feels good!

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