I’m curious to see how the “new” flared jeans and trouser silhouettes will be represented in stores and received by customers this year.

From what I’ve seen so far, tapered leg silhouettes are still abundantly popular in retail stores. And I don’t mean sale goods either. I’m talking about new Spring merchandise that is showcasing as many tapered legs as flared legs. But it’s only January and we still have five months to go. A lot can happen in five months of fashion!

In my neck of the woods, street style is still all about tucking tapered jeans and leggings into boots because it makes practical sense for our weather. I see a fair amount of bootcuts too, but few flares wider than bootcuts.

What’s your impression of tapered versus flared legs in retail right now? Do you think that they are equally represented? Which silhouette are you seeing more on the street?