We are jet lagged and tired, but it’s still FABULOUS to be in NYC! We’re staying at the Hotel Belleclaire on the Upper West side and are marvelously settled in for the week.

After breakfast, which was tea and a pastry for me and coffee and a squagel for Greg, we headed off to a quick business meeting before picking up our all important Fashion Week press credentials. You CANNOT enter any of the tents or shows without an official press credential in hand, so standing in a queue to fetch them is how Fashion Week starts. Although the process was efficient, the wait was long and we ended up missing the Anne Bowen show because we couldn’t get our credentials in time. Oh well! Onto the next show.

This season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in a new location: Lincoln Center. The new venue feels larger and fancier than Bryant Park, but somehow not as cozy. There are still tons of people checking out the shows and fashion both on and off the runway. Plenty of fashionistas dressed in black from head to toe wearing sky scraping heels, but far fewer than in February. This season there are just as many women in gladiator sandals and ballet flats. Clothing colours are still very neutral, but there’s a lot more denim, white and grey than last time round.

Today I was in a casual mood, so I wore my jodhpur jeans with a tucked in, silk Versace-inspired shirt, belt, vintage pearls and low heeled red pumps. Ms. Valentino speaks for herself.