Last week I said that rolled tab sleeves were fab and too my surprise, I was not in the minority. But there were differences in opinion on when the sleeves look best once rolled up and fastened with the tab. Some prefer the sleeves rolled neatly and evenly in rigid fabrications, whereas others didn’t mind the rolls looking uneven in floppy fabrications.

I enjoy rolled tab sleeves in many different ways. Sometimes I like the rolls to look neat and strict, whereas at other times I like them to look lose and scruffy. When I’m extra casual I leave the sleeve unrolled but still fasten the tab. The untidiness creates a more dramatic cuff which I rather like. And I love the textured effect.

Over the years I’ve had reader requests to show more of my casual style. Well, this is one of my typical casual outfits. Skinnies or clamdiggers, a relaxed woven top, ballet flats and a pearl accessory. We were recently walking our doggies in our Seattle neigbourhood on a warmish Summer day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Scruffy Sleeves

That’s our little Jasmine on the bottom left — she loves chewing the long sweet grass. Rosie was with us too (that’s her cute little tail on the right). Both ladies are doing well and enjoying our perfect Summer weather.