Knee-high boots are my favourite style of footwear and for that reason alone they get extra TLC. That’s why it makes me sad when I do closet reviews and tall boots aren’t kept in tip top shape.

The operative word here is  “shape”, and that means storing tall boots in shapers when they aren’t on your feet. Retaining the shape of boots makes them look nicer for longer, prevents them from falling over, and makes your closet look organized too.

There are several ways to shape boots and some methods are more expensive than others. I’ve recommended rolling up old magazines with elastic bands and using the inside roll of wrapping paper to hold up boots. Some of my boots have been held up in this way for years and it worked quite well. But I’ve moved on to proper boot shapers because they keep the boots upright AND fill out the entire shape of the boot. My cheaper solutions did a great job keeping the boots upright, but that’s it. From now on, only the best for my much loved boots.

Plastic Boot Shapers and HangersStyrofoam Shoe Shaper Tree

I’m using both plastic boot shapers and Styrofoam shoe shaper trees to hold up my boot collection. The Styrofoam shaper is considerably cheaper and works like a charm (available in an assortment of colours too). That’s my number one suggestion if you’re after shaping multiple pairs of boots fast.