I have been in love with this sleeve detailing for as long as I can remember and here’s why:

  1. The design detail has a utilitarian, military strictness, which I adore. They are the polar opposite to romantic ruffles, which I also like but in smaller doses.
  2. The rolled up part works well on both soft and rigid woven fabrications. I’m a woven fabric girl who loves shirts, shirt dresses, tunics and blouses, so loving rolled tab sleeves is a no-brainer.
  3. The length usually cuts the arm in a good place, half way at the elbow. This is one of the most flattering sleeve lengths, especially if you like a bit of arm converge.
  4. They can convey both a classic and a hip integrity depending on the rest of the ensemble. As always, it’s HOW you wear the item that counts.
  5. They denote a casual vibe.
  6. Sometimes rolled tab sleeves double duty as long sleeves when rolled down.

I have many woven shirts, blouses and dresses in both soft and rigid fabrications with rolled tab sleeves. The detailing also looks fab on jackets, knitwear and knitted tops. What’s not to like?

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