There are items that are in fashion for one season. And then there are items that stick around for longer, sometimes for several seasons, and sometimes for decades at a time. I can’t remember exactly when bootcut jeans first surfaced, but it was around the mid 90’s. At first they were considered trendy. Soon after that their widespread appeal helped them to become a mainstream basic. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that bootcut jeans have become a classic, meaning that they’re not exactly on-trend but always in style.

Can we say the same about skinny jeans? By skinny jeans I’m also referring to straighter legs because both are tapered at the hem whereas bootcuts flare out. Skinnies have stuck around for five years and there seems to be no stopping the look. At all! Without question they have become a worldwide mainstream basic. Do you think they will go down as a classic too?

Fashion in the noughties and beyond has set a new precedent. There is no longer only one “it” and in style silhouette but rather many silhouettes that are in style at the same time. For that reason I’m in on skinny jeans going down as a classic along with bootcuts. How say you?