You know the look I’m talking about. It’s when blokes wear the waistbands of their pants SO LOW, that they have to physically hold them up with their hands or spread their legs extra wide to keep them from falling down. Sometimes this style of dress bares underwear and sometimes the whole lot is covered up with a long, oversized top. Either way, not so fab.

While I can’t appreciate the saggy pants look, it’s not a crime, as Judge Ruben Franco declared when a police officer ticketed Julio Martinez for wearing his jeans well below his waistline (via the Sartorialist). The police officer maintained that Martinez was acting in a disorderly manner because he was exposing his underwear.

It might be a fashion crime to wear pants so low, but at the end of the day people are free to wear what they want in public places, no matter how distasteful it may seem (as far as I know, Martinez’s private parts weren’t exposed). As long as you are reasonably covered, the sky is your fashion limit.

I’m glad that Judge Ruben Franco declared the saggy pants look legal even though I’d happily never set eyes on it again. This look is part of crazy street style and it makes the world a more colourful place. If we start ticketing people for how they are dressed, where will it all end? I shudder to think.