Grey in all its hues featured in abundance last Autumn and Winter. Dove and silver grey were carried through for Spring and Summer. Now we’re back to Autumn collections and there is even more grey. That’s a whole year of grey!

Grey has been a relatively new neutral in my wardrobe. It’s flattering as long as I wear it with white, cream, or a bright colour. But I have enough grey and black in my wardrobe at the moment and won’t be purchasing more items in these colours. So it’s frustrating when I see clothing items that I love, but are only offered in grey or black. I guess that’s one way of keeping my budget in good shape.

I don’t personally wear brown or any of the earth tones that go with that palette, but I’m missing it in stores for clients who do. If you don’t like grey, black and white, there is little for you to purchase in the neutrals department at the moment. Perhaps offering only one colour spectrum of neutrals is a conscious retail decision in our tough economic climate. Buying budgets are tight and stores need to keep their stocks lean.

I adore the versatility and softness of grey and will continue to wear the grey goodies in my wardrobe. But my tolerance for the colour in stores is wearing very thin. Too much of a good thing. Does anyone else feel the same way?