Plaid shirts and blouses are everywhere at the moment. For the most part they’re super casual in cotton or flannel fabrications, but they can look dressier when worn in drapey silks, chiffons and polyester blends.

The trick to wearing flannel plaid tops is to add feminine touches. In other words, if you don’t want to look boyish wearing a flannel shirt like we did in the 90’s, add the following girly design elements and accessories to this season’s look:

  • Choose a tunic length: This really makes the style feel “new”.
  • Add a belt: My suggestion is to swap out the self- fabric belt that came with the tunic to prevent it from looking like a robe. Opt for a webbing or distressed leather belt instead, either low-slung or waist-cinching.
  • Keep the ruffles: You might be sick of ruffles, but having them on an otherwise masculine garment makes sense.
  • Mix in lace: Layer a lacy camisole under the shirt and if you’re daring, throw in the pearls too.

This item might not be your cup of tea if you can’t get your head around wearing flannel plaid. But it can be cute once you get the details right, which is why the plaid tunic forms part of MOTG formula #9. I have happy stylish clients wearing that formula combination right now. Promise!

Central Park West Griffin Plaid Ruffle Shirt Theory Seena Tunic Vince Oversized Plaid Shirt with Rolled Sleeves
Yag Couture Plaid Hooded Dress Shirt Hinge® Ruffled Plaid Tunicicon Yellow and Black Plaid Flannel 3/4-Sleeve Shirt

Tunic looks with ruffles, belts and lace. Fabulous over jeans or stretch knit pants with killer boots. But I’m one of the lasses who won’t we wearing casual plaid this season. I’ll wear a plaid top if it’s in a dressy silk fabrication and opt for a the denim shirt look instead.