There are ruffles and frills on everything at the moment. You’ll see them on T’s, blouses, shirts, knitwear, bottoms, dresses, jackets, coats, skirts, shoes, boots, bags, scarves, underwear and necklaces. I adore ruffled items and I’ve been sporting them since I was a little girl. I like the textural integrity that a soft self-colour ruffle adds to a garment. It’s feminine, pretty and baroque looking.

But now that it’s a hot trend, fashion retail is killing the look. It’s reached the stage where you’ll battle to find a top with interesting, non-ruffle, style detailing. I have clients who do not fancy ruffles and it’s been a challenge to find them suitable tops, especially since some of these ladies are well endowed.

Variety is an important component of a great fashion season and so far, I don’t think we are getting that in the styling options for tops and knitwear. Too many ruffles. I’ll be happy to continue wearing the items in my closet, but I’m not purchasing anything else with ruffles this season. I guess I preferred ruffled items when they weren’t mainstream fashion.

How do you feel about ruffles? Have you noticed the epidemic in stores? For those of you who do not live in the US, are ruffled items a hot trend in your neck of the woods too?