This sounds counter intuitive, but there is method to the madness. Obviously, after a certain fall in temperature you’ll want to wear sleeved garments under sleeved layers. But before it gets really cold, sleeveless garments can work beautifully, even if you tend to feel the cold quickly like I do.

Sleeveless dresses and tops layer exceptionally well. No fabric bunching. No cutting off the circulation to your arms. Pure comfort. With it being a tunic cardigan season, sleeveless tops and blouses are practical items to wear under long sleeved knitwear and indoor jackets. And the same sleeveless items will double duty for warm weather worn on their own.

We haven’t reached freezing temperatures in Seattle yet, so I’m still wearing sleeveless dresses, knit tops and blouses layered with cascading or boyfriend cardigans, pullovers and cropped jackets. In the chillier mornings and evenings I’ll add a trench or wool coat on top of those layers. My feet are deliciously warm in boots with socks or hose and I’ll also throw in a scarf from time to time. Inside I peel off my coat but leave on the layer that’s over the sleeveless item. Easy.

It won’t be long before I’m in long sleeves most of the time, but for now layered sleeveless dressing makes sense. Do you wear sleeveless items in colder weather like I do?

Shae Shawl Sweater CoatElla Moss Mabeline TankVince Dolman CardiganCorey Lynn Calter Katy Zip Tank

Of course, wearing long sleeved tops, blouses, shirts and dresses under long sleeved knitwear and jackets is fabulous. But hopefully this might inspire you to extend the life of your sleeveless items. We’re always trying to get the most from our wardrobes!