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5 7 hours ago by Karie

More Skirts & Dresses

12 9 hours ago by lyn67

Dresses & jackets: which one?

20 10 hours ago by rute

wiw-Spring arrived early

11 11 hours ago by Astrid

WIW - FFBO to go specs shopping

4 12 hours ago by Laura (rhubarbgirl)

WIB/O for spring & style shift (long)

13 14 hours ago by Firecracker

Good alteration or leave them be?

19 15 hours ago by anne

Shoe possibilities

17 15 hours ago by shevia

WIW 3/3: Burnt orange, lavender and purple

30 16 hours ago by rachylou

Do you think...? + OMG

27 16 hours ago by K.M.

Machine Wash: what would happen...

17 16 hours ago by caro in oz

What worked for Nthern Hemisphere Fall and Winter?

5 17 hours ago by rachylou

Packing one only cardi?

37 18 hours ago by N-Marie

High Tall Boot Hopes for Fall 2015

12 19 hours ago by Daria

Trying Target denim

17 19 hours ago by unfrumped

Glasses - opinions please

16 19 hours ago by bettycrocker

Denim like pant with a stretch waist, that looks decent?

7 19 hours ago by unfrumped

sometimes I just get it wrong,

26 20 hours ago by Sara L.

My possible red shoe solution.

12 21 hours ago by annabelle

More fashionable shoe with Teva sensibility?

18 22 hours ago by K. Period.

From Simone Perele, a few bra recommendations

43 22 hours ago by Astrid

Ask Angie and all: new specs? ETA New pics

8 23 hours ago by bettycrocker

about trends/style

20 23 hours ago by Sara L.

Day 4 :: This Time Last Year I Wore (edition 2015)

8 23 hours ago by Keturah

WIW: Vintage Fur Coat for Meredith!

23 1 day ago by old chic

Help me shop/style this skirt, please

14 1 day ago by Ruth M

Pantyhose or not?

13 1 day ago by kkards

Transitional windbreaker?

13 1 day ago by Summer

WIW and thoughts on Spring

26 1 day ago by Archer

WIW 3/1 sorta seventies

19 1 day ago by lyn67


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