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12 3 days ago by Karie

5 silhouettes

10 3 days ago by clearlyclaire

PSA - BR sale - satchel deal of the day

25 3 days ago by Karie

Confessions and keeping it real

43 3 days ago by deb

Who Still Wears Watches Anyway?

16 3 days ago by Thistle

Boot Fit question

28 3 days ago by Debbie

K/R two sweaters from Gap

19 3 days ago by Gaylene

What to keep, what to toss?

5 3 days ago by Suz

Shades of Brown

66 3 days ago by Astrid

Leather skinnies showdown - which topper for reunion?

24 3 days ago by Elizabeth P

WIW: My 5 silhouette challenge

10 3 days ago by DEB

K/R Shopping loot!

20 3 days ago by krishnidoux

Sweater over shirt: Do any of these work?

3 3 days ago by suzannebrown

PSA: Plus Sizes!!!

10 3 days ago by Cathy G

Life changing

11 4 days ago by Suz

New sweater - styling critique?

19 4 days ago by JenniferAnne

WIW 11.05,20 [two with the 'other' black booties]

36 4 days ago by unfrumped

How to be more successful with one-in/one-out

13 4 days ago by Debbie

A couple of WIW from week of 11-14-14

21 4 days ago by rachylou

K/R: thrifted "equestrian"

29 4 days ago by rachylou

Please share your Leather/Faux Leather WWW

16 4 days ago by njw

WIB- adventures in "dressing" for an audience.

21 4 days ago by Astrid

Cheap black/grey jeans as fill-in? ETA Pics

17 4 days ago by Alassë

The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Tops

44 4 days ago by Alassë

5 (plus) silhouettes: Alaskagirl's Challenge


eShakti sizing info.

9 4 days ago by Alassë

WIW - slouch and stripes

5 4 days ago by Jules

Cute things at Loft - review

17 4 days ago by rachylou

Fashion musings

18 4 days ago by bettycrocker


14 4 days ago by Missey

Thanks for your help! Family photos update

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