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21 14 hours ago by approprio

WIW: Manrepeller vs. the Edokko

13 15 hours ago by shevia

WIW 1/28: Orange and black and leopard (pics fixed)

15 16 hours ago by Inge

Please post your Weekly Links here!

28 18 hours ago by Style Fan

Let's Talk About Bookending

20 19 hours ago by anne

Into the fray-skirted leggings

16 20 hours ago by Astrid

Too many options - need help with scarf color

42 20 hours ago by rachylou

Wow I have a really long neck and torso

23 21 hours ago by Astrid

Woolovers order no.2 arrived...


Does anyone have a photography/fashion Instagram?

10 23 hours ago by Firecracker

Style Lab: What to wear with 70's inspired flare jeans

26 23 hours ago by Joy

WIW: skinnies x 3 & leather jacket

20 23 hours ago by Debbie

50 Shades of Light Blue HALP! ETA Pics

10 1 day ago by orchidfae

Owl Ring?or&Wonders?

3 1 day ago by Joyce B

Question for the knitters...

38 1 day ago by Aziraphale

Would Someone Please Explain Boyfriend Jeans to Me?

75 1 day ago by Karie

Happy Anniversary Greg and Angie!

51 1 day ago by Karie

Styling the butt vest

28 1 day ago by ElleH

WIW: As the holidays come to a close

30 1 day ago by ElleH

WIW...puppy love...

7 1 day ago by ElleH

Advice needed: How to style white, fringed cowboy boots and (separately) a black velvet jacket with

24 1 day ago by Firecracker

WDYT: Lined City Joggers



13 1 day ago by bettycrocker

I feel special

12 1 day ago by frannieb

Ask Angie: and others search for long cardigan

23 1 day ago by tr3kkie9rl

What makes a good outfit into a great one?

36 1 day ago by Inge

WIW: Relaxed leopard print plus pencil skirt & mixed media layers

14 1 day ago by Clueless in canada

Denim jacket substitute?

10 1 day ago by bettycrocker

Pendleton LBD

10 1 day ago by rachylou

Summer chino shorts: navy or denim?

12 1 day ago by rae

Red, Light blue & White - my turn

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