Forest green is not an abundant colour at retail. Until forest green gets its on-trend fashion moment, it easier to find wardrobe items in dark olive. That said, forest green is popular with my clients, who tend to pounce and stock up when they see the right items in the colour. 

Here’s some forest green outfit inspiration for colder weather. Of course, layer under and over the outfits as needed. Thermal undies, hosiery, socks, jackets, coats, scarves, headgear, and gloves can be dead right insulating additions.

1. Corduroy Dress

A forest green corduroy shirt dress is combined with tall black boots and a bag to match. The sleeves are scrunched to showcase forearm skin which creates outfit structure. Chunky earrings and bangle are the finishing touches of choice. Easy! A coat, scarf and hosiery will add warmth for outside. Personally, I’d add thermal underwear too.

Corduroy Dress

2. Fair Isle Sweater, Blue, Earth Tones

A forest green Fair Isle pullover is combined with a navy pair of pants and white sneakers. The white embroidery on the pants and in the pattern of the pullover matches the white sneakers. A mustard bag matches the mustard in the Fair Isle. Blue jeans are an effective substitute for the embroidered pants.

Fair Isle Sweater, Blue, Earth Tones

3. Voluminous Forest Green

Wearing voluminous outerwear over voluminous pants is on-trend, and here is one way to sport the look. A Winter white zip-top sweatshirt is worn over dressy wide leg taupe-grey trousers. The trousers are at a long full length, which skim the surface of the ground and create a front break line. Off-white sneakers match the top. A roomy forest green coat tops the lot. Feel free to wear a more fitted coat, or slimmer bottoms to offset some of the volume of these proportions.

Voluminous Forest Green

4. Forest Green, Black, Grey, White

Last, think of any way to combine forest green with black, grey, and white. Here, the green is more dark emerald than forest, but you get the idea. A grey knife-pleated skirt with black waist buckle detailing is combined with a very fluid green cabled pullover. It’s semi-tucked to showcase the belt detailing of the skirt. A black bag matches the black of the belt. Dressy white refined loafers mismatch, yet make the look to my eye. They are a gorgeous modern and crisp addition, although you might prefer the look with black footwear.

Forest, Black, Grey, White

I don’t bat for Team Forest Green since I prefer a bright and acidic lime and Kelly green. How about you?