I’m happy with my style and my wardrobe is in stellar shape. It serves my needs, makes me smile, and sparks joy each time I put on an outfit. My wardrobe needs little intervention and addition at this point, so the plan is to generally leave it alone, and enjoy the heck out of my stuff. 

I’m down to one shopping mistake, and that’s with shoes. With my hard-to-please feet and walking lifestyle, delayed wardrobe disasters are inevitable. No matter how hard I try to make sure that a new pair of shoes will go the distance, they can sometimes malfunction after I’ve committed to them. It is what it is.

My biggest style surprise in 2023 was how much I’m enjoying my natural hair colour. I haven’t had it chemically treated for two years, and am not looking back. I’ve found my darker honey hair more versatile, since I can wear tans, toffees and whiskeys well too.

Thankfully, many of my style and wardrobe decisions, strategies, and processes have become intuitive and are on autopilot. They are internalized habits, and I don’t need to list them as style goals. I trust my instincts, and when I’m unsure, ask hubs Greg what he thinks of a look, style or colour.

To recap, my style descriptor is Urban Polish. I live in the city, walk almost everywhere in all sorts of weather with doggies in tow, wear smart casual and dressy clothes daily, and extremely comfortable shoes that go the distance. I am very neat, tidy, and organized by nature, so it’s important that my outward appearance exudes a high dose of polish.

I will continue to wear outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Retro, Playful and Dressy.

Modern, because I enjoy injecting a few hot-off-the-press trends into my seasonal look. That’s part of why fashion is fun, keeps things fresh, and it works well with my line of work.

Crisp, because I love wearing shades of white and clear brights, and have a strong need to create a fresh, professional and tidy appearance.

Retro, because of my fondness for fashion from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, but remixing retro sensibilities with a good dose of current.

Playful, because it’s become important to me to wear outfits that are or have soft, amusing, sentimental, nostalgic and fun elements. This also reminds me to not take fashion and style too seriously, and to do my own thing.

Dressy, because super casual does not make me happy.

My style goals are short and sweet:

General Goals

  • To carry on doing what I’m doing.
  • To grow my hair to shoulder length.

Specific Goals

None of these are urgent. If they happen, that’s fab. If they don’t, that’s fine too.

  • Add wardrobe items in bright sour green, because the colour is finally available at retail and is one of my favourites.
  • Replace two pairs of white jeans.
  • Embellish my high Summer capsule, because Seattle Summers are hotter than they used to be. Notably, sleeved cotton midi dresses, and patterned cotton co-ords.

Please share your style goals in the comments section. I’m sure they will be interesting and inspirational to others, and I look forward to hearing them.