Gap’s High-Rise Stride Wide-Leg Jeans have been an unexpected success for me, a dear friend, and some of my clients. Despite their description, they aren’t too high rise, and fit neatly on the waist anywhere on the spectrum from a straight to curvier fit. Pass if you prefer a wider width waist. They glide very fluidly over the legs without overwhelming the wearer.

High Rise Stride Wide Leg Jeans

They come in full lengths and ankle lengths, across petite, tall, and regular sizing, across a few washes, and black too. They hold their shape after laundry and do not bag out at all. Super comfy, on-trend, fab quality, versatile, and flattering. They are thicker than Summer-weight jeans, with 1% stretch.

Our friend who visited for Christmas got them in a light wash, and I got them with the slanted tuxedo stripe side seam insets. We wore them a lot over the holidays and felt fab. We are a similar height — around 5ft 6 — making them full length on us in a regular length when wearing low-heeled boots or chunky sneakers. Mine have a raw and distressed unfinished hem, while my friend’s version has a neatly sewn jeans hem. Bonus, we got them at a discounted price.

I haven’t worn Gap jeans in many years. I’m reminded to leave no retail stone unturned. If something looks potentially fabulous in a store where you haven’t shopped for ages, try it. You might be pleasantly surprised.