Being patient with your style is possibly the most important style skill of all. Note that we are talking about your levels of patience as they pertain to you and your style, and not other aspects of your life. 

I am by nature a very impatient person. There is now, or right now, and anything later than that is too late. Hubs Greg knows me better than anyone, and will tell you just how impatient I am. My late parents, who were patient people, did not pass that enviable trait on to me.

That said, there are a few aspects of my life where I am as patient as can be. I have all the patience in the world for our Yorkies Sam and Jo. And for my style. It is the one component of my life I do not stress about. I completely relax into my style journey and have fun. I don’t obsess about any part of it. I thoroughly edit and review my wardrobe regularly and with pleasure. I meticulously keep an updated digital representation of my wardrobe in YLF Finds. I don’t mind one bit when I miss out on bargains, or when items sell out. It’s no problem when items are out of my price range, because I’m confident I will find a better-for-me version at a better price. I’m at ease when it takes years to find the right item on my shopping list. I’m patient when it takes several seasons to evolve my look in a different direction because my budget will only go so far, and I can’t buy something that isn’t there.

I was patient enough to grow out my hair from a super short pixie to a bob. It was a frustrating process, because my hair is fine, wispy, and slow-growing. But I persevered. 18 months later, my hair is finally at a length I’m happy with and it was worth the wait. I bat for Team Patience.

If only I was equally patient in other parts of my life.

Over to you. With respect to your wardrobe and style, do you bat for Team Patience or Team Impatience. If you need to bat for both teams, I’m serving peri-peri chicken breasts with a Greek salad, and frozen mango yogurt for dessert on the bench.