Spring and Summer scarves are lightweight, silky, gauzy and made of fibres like silk, chiffon, cotton, linen, viscose, satin, rayon and polyester. Most are patterned. Sizes and shapes can vary. If you’re a Summer scarf wearer, here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into outfits. 

Floral Scarf
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1. Headscarf

Try tying a scarf around your head as shown here. It covers the crown of the head and ties in the back with the ends draping over the shoulders or down your back. This particular look combines a boxy print adorned poplin shirt with a pair of cropped wide leg cuffed jeans. The sleeves are scrunched to showcase the forearm. Black clogs seem heavy to my eye, so I’d have chosen a shade of brown or tan. Or white shoes to match the shirt. The scarf doesn’t match perfectly, but still pairs well with the palette of the outfit.

Head Scarf

2. Neck Scarf

Here’s a fashion-forward matching set of FOUR patterned items worn in the SAME outfit. A patterned dress is worn as a tunic over patterned cropped pants. A scarf in the same pattern is tied around the neck in a classic manner. A tote in the same pattern finishes off the look. Of course, you can separate the patterned items and wear them with solids. Or stick to matching the patterned dress and the scarf.

Neck Scarf

3. Swimsuit Cover-up

A big square scarf can be worn as a sarong or pareo over a swimsuit. Here the patterns aren’t an exact match but the palettes are the same. You can wear a patterned scarf with solid swimwear, or vice versa, Add beach bag and appropriate beach footwear, and you’re done.

Swimsuit Cover-up

4. Wrap

Last, this is a great, and often forgotten casual way to wear a big scarf in the Summer. Wear it like a wrap over a sleeveless dress or top when you need a little coverage or insulation. It can take the place of a lightweight jacket or sweater. Or keep the sun off exposed skin. Here the outfit showcases three patterns, none of which match. But they share a few of the same colours, creating a harmonious effect. Add solid shoes, and jewellery as desired.