Cargo pants (or utility pants) are one of the biggest trends this year. We’re seeing all sorts of versions and multiple ways to style them. Here are four easy ways to style cargo pants with neutrals and solids. You are probably already wearing your version of the vibe. Feel free to add non-neutrals and patterns that tickle your fancy.

1. Clean and Classic

This is the easiest of the lot, and an iconic type of outfit. Combine a pair of cargo pants with a white tee, knitted top, or sweater. Tuck it into the bottoms or leave it out. The belt is optional. Add white sneakers to match the top. Top the lot off with a blue denim jacket. Add a casual bag that works with the palette, and Bob’s your uncle. A black, navy, or blue and white striped top can work as well.

Clean and Classic

2. Utility Pretty

Adding “the pretty” to utility pants is a recurring theme because it creates fabulous on-trend juxtaposition. Think of combining any type of pretty blouse with a pair of utility pants, and finish off the look with a refined shoe. Here a cropped and trapeze white boho blouse with lots of drape is paired with military green utility pants. Refined pointy-toe heeled booties in snakeskin add further contrast by being dressy. Their pattern picks up the white of the top.

Utility Pretty

3. Smart Casual

This is a version of Utility Pretty, but a little dressier. Combine dark wash cargo jeans with a dressier black top. Tuck the top, or wear it out like this one. Finish off the look with dressy red shoes like these pumps. Add a dressy bag to match. Red to match the bag is a fab idea. Dressy black cargo pants could work as well as the jeans.

Smart Casual

4. Dressed Up

And last, here’s an easy way to style silky cargo pants by dressing them up. Combine silky cargos with a layering top. The top can be fitted and tucked into the bottoms like you see here. Or choose a more fluid top to wear over the waistband. Watch the length with untucked tops because they will probably look better a little shorter. Throw a jacket over the top like a blazer, moto, bomber or the like. Add dressy shoes like pumps, sandal booties, sandals or boots. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Dressed Up