Wearing green with purple is an acquired taste. If you like the combination, these outfits might spark some outfit creation ideas of your own. Feel free to adjust the greens and purples to the tones and shades that you prefer wearing. Olive and teal count as green, and saturated lilac counts as purple. 

1. Solid Separates

A bright purple blouse is combined with bold jade green trousers. The silhouettes are voluminous and billowing, thereby creating an extra dramatic effect. The cream boots keep the palette crisp and clean. A cream bag to match is a nice finishing touch. Silver or gold boots could work well too.

Solid Separates

2. Patterned Top and Jeans

Here, a green and purple blouse is combined with a pair of dark blue cuffed jeans. The purple is subtle, and the green much stronger. Brown boots match the brown in the pattern and the model’s hair. A pair of dramatic earrings in similar colours to the blouse add a gorgeous glam touch. I see a brown or oatmeal coat over the top, and bag to match.

Patterned Top and Jeans

3. Patterned Dress

This vibrant and flirty frock combines a couple of greens and orchids for the purple component. Metallic shoes are a fab and unobtrusive neutral to throw in the mix. Add a little jewellery, a bag, a topper if you need it, and you’re done.

Patterned Dress

4. Subtle Hints

And last, a version that hints at the combination in a quiet way. A sweatshirt in a brown shade of olive has a smattering of purple in the pattern. It’s combined with streamlined blue wide cropped jeans and a leather jacket in the same shade of brown olive. Black combat boots add a tough edge. A dressy quilted black bag matches the black boots, while its tortoiseshell chain works with the earthy brown-green of the outfit. A bit of gold jewellery would amp up the glam and complement the palette.

Subtle Hints