It’s hot in most of the northern hemisphere, and we’re probably ready for cooler weather. Here are some houndstooth looks to get you into an Autumn mood. Houndstooth is a two-colour pattern made up of a broken check. The repeated geometric shape of the check looks a little like the shape of a tooth, which is how the pattern got its name. The most traditional form of houndstooth is black and white.

These houndstooth outfits are a little different to the norm. If black and white houndstooth is not your thing, feel free to sub the doggietooth for a colour that’s more to your taste.

1. Houndstooth Dress

This is the easiest outfit to pull together. Combine a houndstooth dress with black boots and topper. Add a bag, some jewellery, and you’re good to go. Here, the dress is a midi and the boots are tall and dressy. The topper is a short black vest. Instead, you can wear casual boots, keep them short, and choose any type of black topper that works with the dress.

Houndstooth Dress

2. Houndstooth Skirt

This outfit has interesting layers, and adds earthy olive and deep red to the graphic black and white. The skirt is an interesting combination of TWO patterns. There is a false plain micro houndstooth as the top layer, and a silky geometric layer that drapes underneath it. The larger pattern has an olive component. To match the olive, the skirt is topped with an olive twinset that’s belted at the waist with a red belt. The belt adds colour and waist definition. The long end of the belt draws the eye up and down creating vertical integrity. Tall dressy red boots match the belt and bag. Personally, I LOVE the addition of the high-contrast red complement! But opt for something brown, black, white, or olive, if you prefer a more neutral palette.

Houndstooth Skirt

3. Houndstooth Jacket

You can wear black pants, white jeans, or blue jeans with this outfit. Or you can throw in a pair of bright red, green, pink, cobalt, or purple pants. Keep the layering top a solid black or white if that’s your preference. Personally, I love the outfit the way it is. If you do too, combine a patterned black and white tee with a houndstooth jacket. Wear that over a pair of bright pants. Finish off the look with black or white shoes. The lilac bag is an unexpected and fun addition. Feel free to sport a bag that picks up one of the colours in the outfit instead.

Houndstooth Jacket

4. Houndstooth Pants

And last, here are three patterns that vary in scale, two of which are houndstooth. A micro houndstooth pair of pants is combined with a large black and white geometric pattern. It’s topped with an olive coat with houndstooth trim. The patterns harmonize because their colours are the same. The micro check is a false plain, which allows the eye to rest. Silver pumps add bling and glam, and pick up the silver buttons on the coat. The red bag adds some colour, as do the teal heels of the pumps. Mismatched matchy-matchy, for the win. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Houndstooth Pants