I’m sharing three articles on different style-related topics I quite enjoyed reading this week:

The Man Who Amassed 10,000 Vintage Scarves (and Wrote a Book About It).”

‘Wild’ And ‘Chaotic’: Inside the Job Of A Nail Polish Creator.

How Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Recreated a Real-Life Dior Runway Show.” (Have you seen the movie?)

Fab Links from Our Members

Suntiger thought the “Señora Era” is somewhat like the Latin American version of “Coastal Grandma.”

Related to this, Minaminu came across this article in The Guardian: “I’m shocked: Britain’s ‘coastal grandmothers’ on becoming TikTok style icons.”

Jaime thought this was a good one for those who love to “overanalyze” their style.

Which led her to this older article: “In 2021, We Finally Have the Words to Talk about Personal Style.

Which in turn, led her to “My Closet Was Holding Me Back. I Purged Half My Clothes. First I Panicked. Then an Unlikely Guru Appeared.”

This blog post on Instagrammers over 50 by Alyson Walsh is tempting Runcarla to join up.

Angie found this perspective on the labeling of “straight sizes”, and why the author refuses to use the term, food for thought. 

Vildy is enjoying how this YouTuber breaks down different trends, like this one about dressing like Ralph Lauren ads.

Subsequently, she stumbled upon this Instagram account that focusses solely on vintage Ralph Lauren ads.