Wear earth tones in the Spring and Summer if that’s your cup of tea. No need to reserve them for Autumn if you like to wear them year-round. Wear them across all sorts of wardrobe items, as long as the fabrics and silhouettes work for the weather. Adding footwear and bags in a shade of brown is a lovely earthy touch. Or if you prefer shine, try gold, pewter and bronze.

This collection shows some lovely looks.

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Here are four earthy Spring outfit formulas that are easy to recreate if you have an earthy wardrobe.

1. Olive Dress and Brown Accents

Combine an olive dress in a pattern or solid with a brown belt and sandals to match. Throw in a bag in a shade of brown too. This is a midi shirt dress but the frock can be any length and silhouette. These shoes are sandals, but you can choose a more closed shoe. An earth-toned moto, trench coat, blazer, or maxi cardigan could work as a topper if you need it.

Olive Dress and Brown Accents

2. Earthy Top and Skirt Pattern Mix

Combine an earthy top and skirt in a similar palette but different patterns. Here, the patterns match because they share the same caramel, rust, and mustard colours. The patterns also have a similar design. Complete the look with brown or gold footwear and a straw bag.

Earthy Top and Skirt Pattern Mix

3. Utility with a Bit of Blue

Combine a pair of casual toffee, tan or khaki pants with an olive utility jacket. Or a pair of olive pants with a khaki utility jacket. Keep the layering top earthy and cream if you like, or add a bit of soft blue like the patterned shirt shown here. A blue chambray shirt can work well too. Finish off the look with brown, tan or gold footwear, and a bag and hat to match. Espadrilles would look great too.

Utility with a Bit of Blue

4. Dressy Three Piece

And last, an earthy, soft and dressy three-piece suit that is one colour and fabric, but feel free to remix different fabrics and earth tones for your version. Combine a pair of earthy pants with a longish shell top. Belt the shell top with a broad belt of sorts. Layer a dressy shacket or jacket over the top. Add a statement necklace and shiny dressy shoes. Add a bag that matches the outfit. I like the teal coming through in the necklace!

Dressy Three Piece