Yesterday’s theme of matching socks and sweaters continues today with four more ways do it. The more refined, sheer, and slippery the socks, the dressier the combination will look. Chunky socks tend to look more casual. 

The palettes here are quite neutral, but by all means throw in some colour.

1. Dainty Cream

The cream, dainty and gauzy socks perfectly match the refined and dressier cream sweater. They sandwich a pair of leather pants in an earthy brown, but you can choose just about any other colour. The socks work well with loafers, but you can sub them for boots. I like that the cream loafers are the same colour as the socks so that they look like pseudo boots. A higher contrast shoe can work too. It simply depends on your preference. The cropped length of the bottoms is important if you want to showcase the socks.

Faux Leather Wide-Leg Pants

2. Playfully Patterned

Here the patterned socks are an exact match with the sweater. The black in their pattern is repeated in the black velvet pants and boots. The high shaft of the boots and pant length covers most of the socks. You can see the match when you sit down, stride, and bike. If you’re after a more subtle way to wear a playful sweater and sock match, this is one way to go.

Fauna Velour Pants

3. Black Patterns and Texture

This is the easiest of the three looks to create because sheer black textured and patterned socks are in abundance, and most people have black in their wardrobes. Combine a black sweater with sheer black patterned or textured socks and black loafers or boots, and you’re almost there. Combine that complement with a pair of bottoms that tickle your fancy in a solid or pattern. Make sure the pattern has some black in it to pull together the look. Sub the sweater for a black sweatshirt or blouse if that’s more your thing.

Pilcro Boat Neck Tunic Pullover

4. Earthy

And last, you can sport socks in clogs or sandals too. Make sure the combination is comfortable and the socks aren’t too thick for the shoes. By keeping the colour of the socks and sandals the same, you once again create a pseudo boot effect. Here the socks match a sweater poncho that is worn over a dress, which could work well in very mild Winter weather. Add jewellery, watch, eyewear and headgear as desired.

Anthropologie Ribbed Knit Poncho