It can be fun to match socks with your sweater. I’ve noticed people in the Netherlands do this quite frequently because they commute on bicycles. When you cycle, your socks are visible unless your pant hems are extra long, so why not create a cohesive match. My 75-year-old Dutch aunt is a skilled knitter and does just that. When she knits a complicated Fair Isle sweater for herself, she sometimes knits a pair of socks to match. She commutes on her bike daily to do a quick errand or grocery run, and sometimes sporting her matching socks and sweater.

Here are some casual and playful examples:

Stripes, Dots and Fair Isle


Of course, you can create a dressier match with solid socks and a refined sweater that isn’t very chunky. We will cover those looks in the outfit formula post tomorrow. In the meantime, who matches socks with their sweaters?