The Guardian’s Sali Hughes is impressed with Shrine, a new eco hair dye.

If you’re interested in all things hair, the second season of Allure’s ‘The Science of Beauty’ podcast — with topics like hair thinning, and busting myths about silicones — is worth a listen.

With hairdressers closed for most of the pandemic, more women stopped dyeing their hair. Earlier this year, The Guardian asked some of them about the impact it’s had.

Fab Links from Our Members

RoseandJoan found the idea of this leather alternative fascinating, especially, how it can be grown to the spec for less waste, and apparently feels luxurious.

L’Abeille directs us to this article about how luxury brand Chanel is being roasted online for their $1,025 Advent calendar.

Runcarla thought this was a good review on laundering options, or even non-laundering care. She adds: “Last year I learned (via my wear counting exercise) the toll laundering takes on clothes. I’ve made a concerted effort to be gentler with my garments, in particular hanging much more on the lines strung across my laundry room.”

Shevia has long admired Robin Givhan’s interpretation of the power and cultural/symbolic significance of fashion. She likes her take on the Elizabeth Holmes trial.

Suntiger reports that Pantone has revealed its colour of the year for 2022.

She also enjoyed Bridgette Raes’ blog post on wardrobe building.