As a child, teen, and young adult, ponies and horses were a big part of my life. I competed in dressage and showing, and was extremely horsey. I haven’t ridden since I was in my twenties and miss it very much. I doubt I will ever own a horse again, but I can build a horsey wardrobe capsule to keep me connected to that world. Relaxed equestrian looks pander to my nostalgic and sentimental side.

I am in no rush to build the outfits and capsule, and will take my time as my budget allows for the additions. The point is to enjoy the process of finding the right items at the right prices, and of course wear them with a happy heart.

Some might remember my infamous jodhpur jeans. I’ve kept them for sentimental reasons, but they have worn through and are unwearable. I also had the best cognac jodhpur boots that were re-soled twice before I let them go. My favourite jeans and boots of all time! My tall black riding boots became very uncomfortable, so they’re gone. I also passed on two Smythe equestrian blazers because they were too grey and structured and not how I want to do Equestrian Chic on this leg of my style journey.

I’d prefer not to tuck classic skinnies into tall boots, and wear body-con turtlenecks with fitted blazers. Athough that’s a sharp, elegant and beautiful equestrian look that I wore and loved in the past, I’m now in the mood for a more relaxed, playful, fun, and retro equestrian vibe across colours and neutrals. I want to remix my horsey items with other stuff too. Ralph Lauren is great inspiration, and I so enjoy their sporty yet glam equestrian aesthetic.

So far, I’ve committed to two items for my new horsey capsule. A navy pullover with horse bits from Ralph Lauren, and a pair of relaxed cream, straight leg corduroy pants (I’m wearing them here). I’m looking at brown Ariat riding boots or the like, a belt to match, and a saddle bag of sorts. A few polo tops for Summer would be welcome, as would be wardrobe items with horses on them. And I’m always on the lookout for my next pair of jodhpur jeans.

It’s all in good fun, and a therapeutic capsule to build and wear. Who knows, I might climb back onto a horse at some point too.

Is there a part of your personality that you would like to reflect in a wardrobe capsule that you build slowly over time? Something nostalgic and sentimental perhaps?