Twenty months into the global pandemic and I haven’t worn lipstick the entire time. I switched to lip balm, and I’m not looking back. I used to be a huge lipstick fan, but now enjoy having nothing on my lips apart from a little moisturizing shine. Since I wore soft subtle colours on my lips anyway, the transition to lip balm is not extreme. I prefer to accentuate my brows and eyes rather than my lips, so it’s working out well.

I like to wear shine on my lips because, to my eye, it adds outfit polish. I’m allergic to some of the chemicals found in cosmetics, but these lip balms are on my safe list and suggested by my dermatologist. I use Blistex “Silk & Shine” most of the time, and Blistex “Lip Vibrance” when I want a touch of colour and shimmer. It simply darkens the natural colour of my lips and adds a bit of shine. The tint comes off a little on my mask, but washes right out. Both lip balms include SPF15 sun protection.

Over to you. Do you wear lip balm, and which are your favourites?