You are on Team Short Jacket if you prefer your jackets on the shorter side. You are on Team Long Jacket if you prefer them longer. Note that jackets are short when the length finishes around the hip bone or shorter. Long jackets go past the hip bone and beyond. Jackets include blazers and any other style, but we are not talking about coats. 

Long blazers in tailored, fluid and oversized fits in true ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, are on-trend. These lengths cover the bottom and hips, and extend onto the thighs. Styles are single and double-breasted, and can be left unfastened. Some have sharp shoulders. I used to wear these in the ‘80s and early ‘90s and loved them. Despite my strong ‘80s style gene, I am not personally attracted to the length, or any other style of long jacket on this leg of my style journey. This surprised me!

I have some blazers that are longer than hip bone length but they are not bottom-and-hip-covering. I thoroughly enjoy wearing them. I guess they are my version of a long jacket. The rest of my jackets are short, and I tend to prefer them that way in fluid and tailored fits. Shorter jackets make my leg line look longer, especially since I don’t wear heels. They have a “cheeky integrity,” as Greg describes it, and look fab with dresses, skirts, and higher rise roomy bottoms. I simply prefer my outfit proportions with shorter jackets, and find the length versatile.

I like my coats long and my jackets short, so I bat for Team Short Jacket. Here is my current collection of jackets. Some of the blazers belong to pants suits.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Short or Team Long Jacket. Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. Remember that it’s all good, and that there is no right and wrong answer. If you can’t pick a side, you’re on the bench, where I’m serving buttery cauliflower mash, grilled salmon, broccoli, and the best dense chocolate cake with cream cheese icing you’ve ever had in your life.