Bootcut jeans and pants were big in the late ‘90s, and stuck around well into the ‘00s as THE silhouette of bottoms to wear. They took a classic back seat when skinnies and straight legs came back as all the rage. Fifteen years later, and the tables have once again turned. Bootcuts with mid and high rises are on-trend, while form-fitting skinnies and straight legs take a classic back seat.

To recap, bootcuts are fitted on the waist, hips and thighs, but flare out from knee to hem. Some flares are wider than others, but the flares are not as wide as bell-bottoms. Full lengths vary. The new shorter full length finishes on top of the foot and can be worn with flats or heels. The classic and luxurious longer lengths skim the surface of the ground.

Here are some examples:

Some of my clients feel that the flared integrity of the bootcut balances out their hips, thighs, larger bust and/or broader shoulder line, thereby creating outfit proportions that follow their figure-flattering priorities. Some feel that the silhouette highlights their curvy hips, seat and thighs in an attractive way that oozes confidence. Some feel their most streamlined in bootcuts. Other clients like to wear bootcuts because it gives their muscular calves some room, unlike tapered silhouettes that cling to the lower leg. Some enjoy the elegant swoosh of the wider hems, like me! And others enjoy the leg-lengthening effect when sported at extra long hem lengths with heels.

I used to LOVE wearing bootcuts because they felt elegant and swooshy, but switched to other silhouettes as the trends changed because wearing trendy jeans is signature to my style. I have one pair of very old white bootcuts left, and I adore them. I wear them with a very low heel and like the way they move in that glam ‘70s way. Of course, living in rainy Seattle makes it harder to wear full-length extra long bootcuts without getting soggy hems. So my bootcuts are reserved for dry days when I feel like wearing a one and half inch heel.

The joy of friends, clients and forum members who feel amazing in their bootcuts is a pleasure to behold. The beauty of bootcuts is real. Who else bats for Team Bootcut Jeans?

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