Asymmetry can be achieved in many ways. One of the easiest is to wear tops, dresses, toppers, pants and skirts with asymmetrical hemlines.  They make a bold statement, create interesting diagonal lines, and in some cases look more flattering than symmetrical hemlines. 

Here are some asymmetrical items to whet your appetite.

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These outfits are easy to pull together and each feature an item with an asymmetrical hemline. Since we’re approaching Summer in the Northern hemisphere, the looks are geared towards warmer weather.

1. Asymmetrical Skirt

A-line or flared midi skirts with asymmetrical hemlines are magical. They manage to look elegant, hip, comfortable and flattering with little effort, and I’m a huge fan. Thumbs up for the swoosh factor too. Here, the insets of the striped fabric create interest on top of the asymmetry. The rest is a slam-dunk combination of tucked top, short denim jacket, and fashion sneakers to dress down the skirt. Feel free to wear a fitted or boxy short untucked top if that’s more your thing. Fun ‘80s paint splatter print too.

Asymmetrical Skirt

2. Asymmetrical Sweater

Gauzy, roomy and see-through sweaters that are lightweight are lovely to wear in hot weather. This one is big and boxy, but its shorter length and asymmetrical hemline give it some structure. Wear it over a tank and bottoms to create a column of colour. This column is black, but I can see white work well too. If I had to nitpick about the length, I’d have preferred to see a shorter and neater tank under the sweater, which does not need to have an asymmetrical hem too. But this looks just fine. Or you can wear this type of sweater over a tank in the same colour, and with bottoms that go with the palette. Add statement jewellery, and footwear that works with the look.

Asymmetrical Sweater

3. Asymmetrical Dress

Dresses with asymmetrical hemlines like hi-lows or shark bites are an easy way to make a simple frock silhouette look more interesting. The diagonal lines of the hemline draw the eye up and down, and amp up its vertical integrity. This fluid version with fun pockets and V-neckline is smashing with the addition of casual flat sandals. Add jewellery and a bag, and you’re done.

Asymmetrical Dress

4. Asymmetrical Blouse

This is my favourite of the outfits because its elegant, dressy yet relaxed, fluidly tailored, and trendy with a nod to the classics. I’ll take the whole look with blue jeans and flat white or cream boots, please. The hemline of the blouse is asymmetrical, but so is the placement of the pattern and the cascading front drape detailing. Wide leg jeans sported at the new shorter full length showcase more of the boots. Wide crops can work well too. Alternatively, keep it sleek at the bottom with cigarette pants, straight legs, relaxed straight legs, or a pencil skirt. A sleek crystal pleated skirt would look nice too. Add jewellery, bag and watch as desired.

Asymmetrical Blouse

Who else bats for Team Asymmetry?