Hi all

These are some random WIWs from our Autumn. Mostly remixes of things you’ve seen before so not hugely exciting. I’ve been having some internet problems and having a lot of trouble accessing YLF over the last few weeks. But since I have access tonight, and the subject is asymmetry, I will attempt a post!

Asymmetric skirts and dresses are my thing. 4/5 of these outfits have asymmetry. Love it!

A few notes:

Pic 2: As patchwork is having a moment, I decided to resurrect my BIG patchwork bag (circa 2009). Again. I seem to resurrect it every couple of years. My mum covets this bag. I give her most of my bags eventually. Not yet, I say.

Pic 4: The skirt is from Allsaints. I picked it up from ASOS for around $60. Grey is not my colour but I like it in small doses, especially away from my face. What sold it for me is that it’s the same shape as the skirt in pic 1, which I absolutely love. I’m going to have a go at copying it myself. I’ve been studying YouTube videos on making patterns from your own clothes. I think I can do it

Pic 5: The upcycled Nicole Miller skirt in action. Not asymmetric but fun to be actually wearing this as a skirt after having it languish in my closet for around 8 years. I’ve already worn it about 6-8 times in its new incarnation. I wore it to lunch with my friend who was with me when I bought it in nyc. I tried to sucker her in with an innocent “what do you think of this skirt?” question. She responded “wasn’t that a dress before?” Kudos to her!

Bonus pic of the birthday cake I made for my dog, the vastly superior “Brooklyn”, today. She is 10! I am so thrilled. We have had such bad luck with the health of our dogs. I can’t believe we’ve made it to 10. Every day with her is a treasure. She is getting her beauty sleep now in preparation for her party tomorrow. The cake is a bit rustic but I’m sure she and her (doggy) friends will enjoy it.

Happy weekend everyone

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