Wildfang is a West Coast company based in Portland, Oregon. I first noticed Wildfang clothing on Instagram. The clothes, looks and prices are fab, but what really drew me in was their diverse set of models and passionate messaging. Its founders had grown tired of seeing garments without functional pockets, and button-down shirts that gaped at the bust. Wildfang was born to address these style challenges, and much more.

As they put it: “We’re on a mission to rethink gender norms and how they show up in fashion. We embrace our masculine, our feminine, and our-everything-in-between.”

Inclusion, sustainability and giving back are at the heart of Wildfang. You can read more about the brand’s achievements, aspirations and goals. I’m most impressed that items run from an XXS to a 4XL, and that there is ongoing staff training on gender, race, identity, and sexuality. Wildfang have also removed 80% of unnecessary product packaging, used recyclable mailers for online orders, and eliminated in-store paper receipts. I love that they also generously give to good causes.

I see a collection of items that are super casual, comfortable, versatile, relatively simple, and easy to assimilate into a wardrobe. There is an emphasis on the use of natural fibres. Items skew junior and young adult at first glance, but that’s because they’ve been styled that way (Nordstrom’s recent collaboration with Wildfang was with its junior department.) But if you look at things one item at a time and imagine styling them your way, they are less junior than they appear at first glance. Please take the time to browse items on the Wildfang site because the way they’ve chosen to showcase their offerings is fresh, unique, and inclusive.

Wildfang The Wild Feminist Mock Neck Tank

Wildfang The Essential Windowpane Drawstring Pant

Wildfang The Essential SS Coverall

I’m going to look at the Wildfang collection in downtown Seattle this week, and will let you know what I think of the quality and fits. Remember that if the items aren’t your cup of tea, they might be dead right for someone else you know. I can think of a few family members, clients, friends, and their children who this brand will appeal to.