Evolverie is a clothing brand that provides casually simple and sustainably-produced quality clothing for women. Apart from producing sustainably, founder and designer Amy Homan’s big thing is affordability. She found that expensive clothing doesn’t necessarily mean better quality and ethical manufacture, nor should sustainably-produced clothing be limited to an elite group of people. Looking to create positive change, Evolverie was born, where items are suitably sourced, responsibly made, fairly priced, and affordable to a larger segment of the population.

Small quantities of Evolverie garments are hand-made in Columbus, Ohio and Karachi, Pakistan. Every item is made in-house from start to finish to minimize carbon emissions. Evolverie is committed to using locally-sourced and eco-friendly fibres like linen, cotton, modal and tencel. More interestingly, Evolverie makes a point of reusing deadstock fabric — the unused fabric or fabric waste left over from major fashion houses and designers. By upcycling deadstock fabric, Evolverie is closer to attaining its very aspirational zero waste manufacturing goals, and can keep their prices lower than other manufacturers.

Evolverie’s main goal is to make you feel good in the clothing, and about the clothing. The brand likes to showcase its wears on women with different body types, and offers sizes XS to 2XL. It’s my hope that the brand will be even more size-inclusive over time. There is the option to purchase items second-hand or as samples.

Evolverie Culotte Pant

Evolverie Off The Shoulder Dress

Evolverie Long Sleeve V-Neck Knit Top

Evolverie Drawstring Knee Length Skirt

As I browse the assortment, words that come to mind are relatable, relaxed, comfortable, uncomplicated, essential, and neutral. Evolverie’s good-quality and responsibly-made items won’t break the bank, and they’re easy to incorporate into a wardrobe. Each item is modelled on a couple of body types, and styled into many outfits to showcase its versatility. I love that, and I bet you will find it compelling too.

Founder and designer Amy Homan models items herself, which is always a good sign. Her blog is well worth a visit because Homan shows how she wears and styles Evolverie items daily. It’s authentic, easy to grasp, and the visual results are super cute. The posts about Summer Holiday Outfits, or 5 Ways to Style Denim Shorts are particularly fab, but there are many more to enjoy.

If you’re into sustainably-produced, simple, neutral, casual, lightweight and affordable items made of natural fibres, give Evolverie a go. Or if you have experience with the brand, let us know what you think in the comments section.