Casual utility jackets in shades of olive are popular with my clients. They are usually worn on mild Spring days, and chillier Summer days, and with just about anything. Most enjoy wearing them with neutrals like black, grey, white, navy blue, denim, and earth tones. Some remix them with pastels and brights. The jackets come in a variety of silhouettes across a range of fits and lengths. Some retailers call them field jackets or anoraks. The collection below shows a good assortment.

Here are some very easy ways to create a casual neutral utility jacket look for Spring. Feel free to add Spring scarves, jewellery and a handbag of your choice to punch things up.

1. Column of Black

Create a column of black with black separates like jeans and a tee, blouse, shirt or pullover. Or take the Athleisure route with joggers and sweatshirt. Choose navy or grey if black is not your neutral. Top the look off with an olive utility jacket. Here the olive espadrilles that match the topper are a nice nod to Spring. They also break up the expanse of black when the topper comes off, which you can also do with a scarf, statement necklace and earrings, and eyewear.

Column of Black

2. Column of White

Create a column of colour with a casual top and bottom in shades of white. Choose light grey or tan as your white if that’s more to your taste. Top the look off with an olive utility jacket. White sneakers are an easy addition, but casual metallic footwear will work too. Or footwear in shades of brown. Add a scarf, statement necklace, statement earrings or eyewear to create some visual interest for when the topper comes off.

Column of White

3. Remix Earth Tones

I like the twinset effect of the olive top and topper here. It’s effective and chic in a subtle way. The earthy chinos and white sneakers are a nice nod to spring, and break up the olive. The caramel chinos work beautifully with the auburn hair of the model. Casual cognac footwear that bookends the model’s hair would look splendid too. And if you dare, throw in a pair of olive chinos for a full column of olive.

Remix Earth Tones

4. Patterned Tees and Dresses

Combine a neutral patterned top with solid bottoms to match. The pattern needn’t have olive in it, but it can help pull the look together when it does. Top the look off with an olive utility jacket. Here the light cognac footwear bookends the strawberry blonde hair of the model extremely well, and picks up the same colour in the tee. Feel free to sub the tee and skirt with a patterned dress in a similar palette. Make sure you like the outfit without the jacket if you need to remove it.

Patterned Tees and Dresses