I’ve been reading the Allure series on how the world of beauty products can become more sustainable and ethical. Here are a few interesting articles:

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream and JAileen needed a laugh, and some of these tweets about the sad state of our pandemic clothes cracked them up.

Suntiger has been perusing articles about recycling textiles

Mary Beth is a fan of Houston news anchor Dominique Sasche’s YouTube channel, and recommends this recent video in which she recreates high-end looks using clothing and accessories from Target.

Nemosmom thought this article about what we might wear “when this is all over” was funny.

Kkards hates all kinds of housekeeping chores, but loves reading about them. She was intrigued that The Laundry Guy washes everything on the express cycle

Fashintern directs us to this different take on pressuring companies to do the right thing.

L’Abeille wanted to share these useful tips on “how to find outfit photos that aren’t the same recycled pins from 2013.”