This poll is about whether or not you like to closely or exactly match your footwear with your hair colour in outfits. This style strategy frames your look. Repeating colours on the top and bottom parts of the outfit is an easy way to pull it together. Visually, our eyes are drawn to the harmony of the repetition.

For example, light blondes wear shades of white footwear well. Redheads rock orange, classic animal print, and cognac footwear. Black and brown footwear looks great with black and brown hair. Burgundy footwear is punchy with burgundy highlighted hair. Same goes for rainbow-coloured green, pink, purple and blue hair. Silver shoes are magical with shades of grey hair. Taupe and tan shoes are fab on dark blondes, and bronze shoes are lovely on an auburn brunette.

Of course, you don’t need to bookend your hair and footwear to create a fabulous outfit. Blondes can wear black shoes with panache. Dark brunettes can wear white shoes with the best of them. Inge is a dark brunette, and wears white shoes extremely well because she wears a lot of cool-toned solid pastels, mid-tones and striped patterns that have white in them. So it depends a lot on your sartorial preferences, the colour palettes of your wardrobe, and whether you like that crisp effect.

I bat for Team Bookend. I have light blonde hair and a footwear capsule full of white and cream shoes, which I wear most of the time. White and light footwear bookends my hair, matches my white pearl necklaces I wear daily, and works well with the warm and bright Spring colour palette I sport throughout the year. Furthermore, I enjoy wearing crisp outfits, and white footwear adds an effective crisp and fresh touch. That said, I also wear blush, red, orange, gold, and citron footwear. I have one pair of tall and tailored navy boots, and no black or grey footwear.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Bookend or Team Don’t Bookend? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, I’m serving leak cakes and sautéed Brussels sprouts on the bench. Gluten-free sugar cookies for dessert.