Breezy dress and skirt season is fast approaching in the Northern hemisphere. Here’s a recap on the types of knickers you can wear underneath those lovely Summery frocks and skirts when your regular undies aren’t quite right. 

To prevent the discomfort of thighs rubbing together, try a slip short or pair of skimmies. Underwear brand Jockey does a great, size-inclusive collection. The lengths of the slip shorts vary depending on your preference. Note that most of these are different to shapewear because they don’t compress and control. They simply smooth out and create coverage. Some styles are made of fabrics that wick away perspiration and are cooling.

If your thighs don’t rub together, but you feel exposed in regular knickers, try a full brief that has ample coverage on the midsection and over the bottom. The extra coverage is very effective for dresses and skirts that aren’t tight and straight, like A-line and flared silhouettes.

My clients run the gamut with what they wear under warm and hot-weather skirts and dresses. Some wear shapewear, and some stick to their everyday undies. Some wear slip shorts, and some wear full briefs. Some wear their regular knickers with half slips. Some wear bike shorts under flared skirts and dresses.

My Spring and Summer dresses and skirts are midi, midaxi, fluid and flow, which means that they move as I move. The A-line and flared silhouettes are very breezy, and I do feel exposed wearing them with my everyday knickers and bare legs. So I wear slip shorts or full briefs for coverage and insulation. Neither have compression, so I’m comfortable and secure. In colder weather, I wear hosiery over regular knickers with skirts and dresses, which provides ample coverage.

Over to you. Do you wear slip shorts, skimmies, or full briefs under your warm and hot-weather dresses and skirts?