Guitar straps are broad straps that you can use to make most bags into a crossbody or shoulder bag. These aren’t real guitar straps, but they look similar, hence the name. The broad strap is VERY comfortable, feels secure, and adds a casual touch to your look. It can also be an effective colour vehicle, pattern mixer, and is a fun way to jazz things up.

Some handbags come with a guitar strap alternative, but generally you have to buy the strap separately and add them to the bag. Prices range from $6 to thousands of dollars. Fabrics are usually cotton, canvas, nylon or polyester. Guitar straps come in patterns and solids, and just about any colour, so you’ll eventually find one that works for almost any bag, small or large.

You can match or mismatch the strap with the bag. Keep the look subtle, or go bold. Most guitar straps have an adjustable strap, but some don’t. In that case make sure it’s a comfortable length before you commit to it.

I have one guitar strap that came with the bag, and four others that I bought separately to pair with a specific bag. One of them is mismatched, and the rest match the colour of the bag.

I’m drawn to the guitar strap for its comfort. I need a hands-free, crossbody bag for my urban walking lifestyle, and might as well have fun with the look. The broad strap is so comfortable that I can hardly feel it. It also lies across the body in a more flattering way, especially when you have a larger bust. And yes, you can wear a crossbody guitar strap bag with a larger bust, and many of my friends and clients do just that. That said, you can wear the guitar strap over one shoulder like a shoulder bag if that’s more your cup of tea.

Recently, I bought a shocking pink satchel that worked just fine with the narrow strap it came with. But I amped things up with the addition of a $10 guitar strap. I prefer straps with gold hardware and no black trim so that they best match my outfits. This one has white trim and is perfect.

I’ve been using the new pink bag almost daily since I got it because it makes me smile (here it is in an outfit). It’s versatile because it blends with a lot of what I wear, and I like the jarring colour combinations or pattern mixes I can create with it. Handbags might not be important when you regularly drive a car and work at a desk. But when you are always on foot like I am, and out and about for errands and groceries with doggy in tow, your bag is extremely important. This is especially so during the pandemic when I need extra COVID-19 measures with me whenever I walk out the front door.

Guitar Strap

Adding a guitar strap to a bag was a newish trend about five years ago, and I liked it right away. It’s not a fad, and won’t look dated any time soon. Who else is wearing, or is interested in wearing, guitar straps on their bags?