After seeing Murph’s post and Angie’s blog entry, I did a little handbag edit in my closet. I put three clutches that I no longer use in the donate/sell pile, and did some thinking about what would make me use some of my unworn bags.

These days, I want easy and no fuss. Hands free is good. I have some special occasion clutches, but clutches just aren’t practical these days unless they have rings to attach a strap. Unfortunately, most of those detachable straps are thin and uncomfortable, either scratching or digging into my shoulder, especially in warmer weather when there is no additional padding provided by a jacket or coat.

I ended up going down the guitar strap rabbit hole on Amazon, and ordered a few to try, with certain bags and needs in mind. I ended up ordering five of them (the least expensive was all of $7 so a great inexpensive experiment!). I can’t seem to use Finds at all anymore on my phone or my laptop so I’ll try to add links when I can, if anyone’s interested.

1 All five straps
2-5 black and white stripe — just trying it on the obvious matchy choices, but this strap could go on almost any solid color bag. Definite keep! Is it wrong to put a $15 strap on a McQueen or Gucci bag? Haha!

6-7 Colorful turquoise/red/orange strap. I liked the colors in this and thought it might be a bit of a wild card, but also had the burgundy clutch in mind when I ordered it. Turns out it also looks good on the orange bag. It also works on the black bags and even the white McQueen. It also matches my new blue Converse sneakers. Keeper!

8-10 Metallic triangle pattern strap. I was a little disappointed to see this strap was more warm-toned/slightly gold in person than the photos online, but maybe it works with these bags. What do you think? I think it works and I could really use it for the bronze fake Bao Bao in pic 8 — the strap for that is super uncomfortable.

11-13 Snake print strap. Funny that this has a bit of green in it — I have a sweater with a very similar pattern. I think it works well with my neutral bags. Keeper.

14-15 Brown and black pattern strap. I wanted this for the Kurt Geiger bag in pic 14 because again, the strap that came with it is not very comfortable. I think this goes great with it, and also with a very old Cynthia Rowley bag that I use from time to time. Keeper!

Now I don’t want to buy any new bags — I want to use my old ones!

ETA Finds!

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