If you cast your vote here, this is the result:


I opened the box and much preferred the pink! So yummy and '80s. Goes well with all my red, yellow, white and blue. And has a lovely red lining. Makes me happy!

Going with my initial reaction to a colour has proved to be a successful strategy. Greg did not like the green.

To recap from another thread, my life is about: outerwear, sneakers, and bags.

Bags, because I am not in a car, I need to carry important stuff with me all the time. (I walk). The pandemic has not changed this need at all. Quite the opposite, actually. I am now NEVER without a bag outside our loft because of pandemic extras I need with me at all times. And bags are my thing so I'm not complaining.

Got the bag on deep discount. Perfect shape, beautiful quality, and made by a sustainable and ethical retailer who helped our healthcare workers. PERFECT. Bought a guitar strap to match. More practical!

I wear my favourite colours year round. They are not seasonal to me, so yes - I will wear the bag with my coats. I am thinking about the sneakers that match.....

This IS what I am wearing today. #authenticstyle