SO FAB!! OMG the strap is just the best! Great choice.

Love it! You look beautiful as always.

Thank you, ladies! Well done to those who chose pink.

Gingko, thanks for the kind words about our home.

Inge, YES. I love an acidic, apple lime green - but emerald green is not that. Pink is more me, so I will leave the emerald green to you

Joy, I'm looking for a fun scarf to match.

 ....and forget to say....... Style Fan, Inge and Shevia, HIGH FIVE to the even bigger need for a bag in the pandemic. 

I love it all! Beautiful bag, gorgeous outfit!

Amazing! The pink is stunning! Great outfit, so clean, crisp, and cheerful.

That's very kind of you, Angie :-)))

I adore it.

Angie, I LOVE THE PINK!!! All of your photos take me back to the early 1980s, which was a very fun, happy time for me!

There is just one thing missing in all this 1980s fabness: a unicorn. Angie.... I challenge you to produce and sport a unicorn in one of your outfits!

The gauntlet is thrown.

LBD, a big '80s high five, and now you have me thinking about unicorns.....

Well, it looks beautiful. I voted pink, I also love it for the 80s vibes in
what was a happy decade for me ( my 20s in the 80s, romance, graduation, marriage and overseas travel).

Gorgeous Angie.... I love that pink (hot pink or shocking pink?) And the guitar strap handle is perfect.

It's SO GOOD, Angie!

That bag is also bigger than I initially thought. Perfect for city trekking.

Thanks for the kind words.

Jenni, YAY. Glad you're on Team '80s with me

Sal, I call that pink shocking pink too!

Jenn, it's a great size, and I've been using it daily since I got it. Always out with Sam in the city.....

Your poses are cracking me up! The bag is such a great 80s neon pink, love, love, love! And the update is the chevron guitar strap. How did you find one that matches perfectly! That's Angie working her magic again.

I see the blue coats are battling it out for the honor of being worn with the new handbag ...

Oh, Laura. Thanks for always making me laugh! Needless to say.....go Team '80s