Last but not least, here are the accessory trends for the season. If you missed the other Spring & Summer 2020 posts, we discussed the big seven trends, colour and pattern, theme and silhouette, footwear and jeans last week. 

As in clothing and footwear, there is a strong ’80s and ‘90s influence in accessories. Extremely colourful accessories with an ‘80s flavour live in happy contrast with the black, greys and browns of ‘90s inspired items. For jewellery and eyewear, it’s about plastic and resin earrings, tortoiseshell anything, lucite anything, bold sunnies, big specs, asymmetrical earrings, interwoven rings, and chunky chain link necklaces and bracelets. Eyewear chains are back too. Think neutrals and non-neutrals, and mix it up.

White PEARLS as jewellery and as trims on accessories are on-trend, and I laughed when I saw this come through. Since I wear chunky white pearls daily, and have for years, I’m hopelessly biased about how versatile, fabulous, and trend-defying they are. They always look good to my eye, and work with anything. Walk the dogs, hike, paint doors, travel and cook in your pearls because why not! I do.

Dainty monogrammed ANYTHING has gained momentum, whether it’s your name on a bracelet, the first letter of your name around your neck, or your initials on a bag or item of clothing. Sporting multiple ear piercings right up the ear and in both ears is the new body art. The earrings that work best with the multiple piercings vibe are dainty and refined.

For headgear and hair think turbans, bucket hats, hair slides, mega headbands, scrunchies, and barrettes. Belting at the natural waist ‘80s style is huge, especially with wide belts over dresses and tunics, or in belt loops or high-rise pants and jeans. Gauzy linen, silk and cotton scarves are always in style, and a great way to protect your skin from blazing sun.

Crocheted and baguette bags are a fringe trend. Bucket bags and bags with drawstrings maintain their ‘90s momentum. Belt bags, chain strap bags, and any type of crossbody that allows you to be comfortable and practical is as on-trend as ever. That’s why sporting two bags at once — one large and one small — for practical purposes is the bomb. Nylon bags and backpacks are huge and a massive nod to the ‘90s.

We use our phones all the time these days, so it can’t hurt to be extra discerning about its cover, how it works for your style and lifestyle, and making sure it’s robust. I vote to refresh your phone case if it looks sad.

The sustainability trend continues to encourage us to mend, repair, upcycle and repurpose items. So get crafty by sticking a fun patch on an accessory with a hole, adding a scarf to a bag to hide pesky stains. Sticking brooches on necklaces to create new looks, or adding guitar straps to bags to give them new life.

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I’m sticking to my chunky white pearls and monogrammed “A” necklace for jewellery, since I’m not a jewellery person. I have a white silicone cover for my iPhone that deliberately matches a white strap for my Apple watch. Both match my white pearl jewellery so things look pulled together and dressy. I have fab prescription tortoiseshell sunnies, vintage white ‘60s sunnies, a good selection of sun hats, a very large and happy handbag collection, and some fun guitar straps that work with multiple bags. I’m looking to replace my citron Furla but will continue wearing my slightly ruined one until I find just the right replacement. I might venture into a wide ‘80s waist belt, and throw in another Spring scarf.

Over to you. Which accessories are your cup of tea?