Hi all

I love big ornate Chanel style brooches/amulets and have a nice collection of vintage brooches in a similar style that I like to play around with. I thought I’d share some ideas on the theme of repurposing.

(All my brooches are inexpensive vintage buys from Etsy. I enjoy giving them a new lease of life.)

Pic 2-5. I wanted a fleur de lis necklace but couldn’t find one. Instead I repurposed a vintage fleur de lis brooch with a necklace converter (pic 3). I find these work better if you glue the converter to the brooch (otherwise the brooch tends to tip forward or move from side to side). This means you have to commit to wearing the brooch as a necklace. I can still remove the brooch from the chain and wear the chain with other pendants. (The chain is vintage Givenchy from Etsy.) I wear this combination a lot both on its own and layered with pearls or other necklaces. The chain is long enough that I can wear it double or triple wrapped.

Pics 6-9. Sometimes you can get away with attaching the brooch directly to a necklace chain, if the chain is sturdy enough.

Pics 10-12. I’ve also tried attaching a large brooch to a 90s style hoop necklace. This one is so BIG and medieval looking I haven’t had the occasion to wear it yet. But I’m ready for a Game of Thrones party

Pics 13-15. A brooch repurposed as a Chanel inspired bangle. I’ve posted this before. My DH made the bangle.

Pic 16. A brooch as a skirt adornment. Wrap skirts work well for this. I’ve also tried attaching a brooch to a belt, but you need to use an elastic belt to make it work. Leather is too tough. I think a chain/circle belt might work too.

Pic 17. Multiple brooches. Not a photo of me! I keep this as an inspiration pic. I love the idea of wearing multiple brooches but I don’t seem to have the right combination. I think all my brooches are too statement-ish and you need some quieter (essential type!) brooches in the combination to make it work.

Pic 18. Brooch + turtleneck. Another inspiration pic. I plan to try this out soon.

What do you think? Does anyone have any other ideas they’d like to share?

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